Free Fire MAX: 5 Best Guns To Increase Headshot Percentage And K/D Ratio in Ranked Mode

Free Fire MAX: 5 Best Guns To Increase Headshot Percentage And K/D Ratio in Ranked Mode: As you know most popular battle royale game is Free Fire MAX. With the help of its premium grade visuals and amazing dynamics, the game – Free Fire MAX – has been downloaded a million times. With assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns, gamers experience exciting survival.

However, with so many weapons to pick from, it can be tough for gamers to find the right weapon for them. Players who spend a lot of time in ranked mode are continuously trying to improve their stats. A high K/D ratio and a high headshot % are examples of this. Players with a good K/D ratio and headshot percentage can easily attain the tag of a pro player. 

5 Best Guns get better K/D ratio and headshot percentage in Free Fire MAX: 

1. Groza-

Groza is a good choice for those who want to enhance their headshot percentage and K/D ratio in ranked mode. The weapon’s damage per hit is tremendous, making it lethal in close and mid-range gunfights. The only disadvantage of this assault rifle is that it is only available by airdrop. Groza’s base damage is 61 hit points, and two headshots are enough to finish off an opponent. The pistol has a long range and is quite stable, making it ideal for mid-range spraying.

2. AWM-

In Free Fire MAX, the AWM is the greatest bolt action sniper rifle. With level 3 armour and a helmet, the weapon can defeat an opponent player. In long-range confrontations, it gives gamers an undeniable advantage. A suppressor can be added to the weapon, making it even more stealthy. It has a base hitpoint damage of 90. In mid-range and long-range fights, the pre-installed 8x scope makes it easier for players to see foes. The weapon can only be obtained by airdrops and has a five-bullet capacity per round.

3. M60

In Free Fire MAX, the M60 is a light machine gun (LMG). This weapon has a large ammunition capacity, allowing players to rack up more kills and raise their headshot %. The weapon has a hit point average of 56, which is sufficient given its large ammo capacity. In the M60 weapon, players can carry up to 60 bullets per round. The weapon also has a high rate of fire, which is advantageous in close-quarters combat.

4. M1014 

In the title, the M1014 is classified as a shotgun. In a 1v1 encounter, it deals a lot of damage to opponents. The player may rapidly take out the entire opponent squad in seconds and enhance his K/D ratio with good head accuracy.

5. M1887

The M1887 is one of the most lethal weapons accessible to players looking to improve their K/D and headshot percentage. In ranked mode, players can utilise this shotgun to completely destroy the lobby by racking up a large amount of kills. Each shotgun cartridge contains two rounds. With a damage of 100, it is the most powerful weapon in the Free Fire MAX game. There is no room on the firearm for any additional attachments.

Free Fire MAX: 5 Best Guns To Increase Headshot Percentage And K/D Ratio in Ranked Mode

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