Garena Free Fire OB40 Update Release Date- Advance Server

Garena Free Fire OB40 Update Release Date-Advance Server:

For its fans, the Garena Free Fire Ob40 update is now available. Fans have already begun to download the free Fire app. The game is set to improve with new features and upgrades. This update adds a new zombie mode, a new map, and new emotes, among other things. For the time being, let’s ignore Ob39. Are you ready to learn about the Free Fire OB40 Update, the upcoming update from the Free Fire? Here are some leaks from our Gaming community post about the Free Fire OB40 Update.

Free Fire Current Version Update

Currently players enjoying the latest version OB39 (1.93.1 Update) of Free Fire Max and illuminate. The Ob38 version has become popular among free fire lovers. From the Play Store, the file size is roughly 700 MB. This new Ob39 version includes the ability to build several maps, a new m24 sniper gun, and new map locations. So, what’s the deal with the Free Fire OB40 Update?

What Can Be Expected in the Free Fire OB40 Patch Notes?

We’re still in Ob39, so there’s a long way to go before we get the Free Fire OB40 Update. Even the official date is unknown at this time. As a result, this new version of free fire may last for another 2-3 weeks. Only then will we receive official information on the Garena Free Fire upgrade. However, several rumours and leaks about the Free Fire OB36 patch notes have already surfaced.

Changes to the M24 gun, SCAR, M16, and M79 weaponry are possible, as well as buffs. Furthermore, the airdrops will be improved. Treatment Sniper will be reintroduced as part of the Free Fire OB36 Update.

Garena Free Fire OB39 Update Details

The unknown individual wields a Senses Shockwave, which fires a drone at the nearest opponent within 100 metres. This will result in an overburst, which will deal 25 damage and limit movement speed by 50% and fire rate by 10%. It will last 5 seconds before cooling down for 140 seconds.

  • Reworked character system and user interface.
  • For the character system, a new user interface has been created.
  • The maximum character level drops from eight to six.
  • Characters’ skills that are awakened have an effect on the original character’s skill.
  • Character levels can no longer be upgraded with diamonds or gold.

Free Fire OB36 Release Date

If you want to know about the official release date of OB36 then wait for May 02, 2023 (GMT+5:30). So, we’ll have to wait another three weeks for further leaks and information about the Free Fire Update. More information about the Free Fire OB40 Update will be given soon. Enjoy the temporary Garena Free Fire Ob39 upgrade version until then. You may up the ante in the game with new weaponry, particularly the sniper rifle. Garena will release further information on the Free Fire OB40 after the Free Fire Ob39 update concludes.

Free Fire OB40 Advance Server

Once registrations are open, individuals may adhere to the following step-by-step guide to register a slot for the upcoming Advance Server.

  • Go to the official Free Fire Advance Server website via this URL.
  • Sign in on the platform using any of the methods available there. Usually, there are Google and Facebook options. It is suggested to choose the option with which you have linked your in-game IDs.
  • After logging in, a registration screen will display and prompt the applicant to enter a working phone number and email address. To continue, fill out the fields with accurate information.
  • The Download APK button will appear after a successful registration. To download the Advance Server APK, click on it. It should be mentioned that only Android-compatible devices can use the APK.
  • Install the APK on the device next, and then wait patiently for the activation code, in step 5. In most circumstances, the applicant will immediately receive the code when it has been approved.

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